About Early Childhood Education (Inclusive Education)

Early Childhood Education

At the initiative of the Organization for Economic Co-operation (OECD), the current trends in the development of international early childhood education are all toward a comprehensive service model, while improving the quality of education and care. Early childhood education is valued not only in Hong Kong but is a global trend. The government implements a free high quality kindergarten education policy from the 2017/18 academic year. The new policy aims to improve the quality of early childhood education in many aspects, such as increasing the proportion of teachers and students, and providing professional support to students with diverse needs, especially non-Chinese speaking students and children with special needs. As the demand for early childhood educators increases, kindergartens need to have sufficient quality teachers [C(ECE)] to meet the international and local development.


What is Inclusive Education?

The United Nations Educational Science and Culture Organization promotes the implementation of integrated education since 1997. Generally speaking, inclusive education refers to the placement of students with diverse educational needs in ordinary/mainstream schools for education.


The Purpose and Overview of Inclusive Education

One of the goals of inclusive education is to help children/teachers/parents to recognize, accept and respect individual differences, thereby promoting personal growth and building a harmonious society. At present, students with diverse learning needs can enter ordinary mainstream schools and get along with ordinary children so that they can fully benefit from education. Schools must adopt an inclusive education model of "school wide participation" in order to effectively cater for learning differences and enhance overall teaching effectiveness.


Our Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Inclusive Education) Programme Features

Theory and practice are equally important in the curriculum. The curriculum design matches the latest trends in kindergarten education and focuses on moral education.

Different from the general Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education programme, our programme aims to promote integrated education with specialized elements covering the core values of inclusive education. In addition, we organize different enrichment activities for students, such as talks, seminars, visits and exchanges, so as to equip students to become professional early childhood educators.


Career Prospects

Qualified kindergarten teachers with Certificate in Early Childhood Education [C(ECE)] with the EDB, and eligible to apply registration as a Child Care Worker (CCW), Child Care Supervisor (CCS) or Special Child Care Worker (SCCW) with the Social Welfare Department.