About Social Work

Discipline and Programme


Social Work

Psychology focuses on understanding individuals while sociology focuses on analyzing phenomena in societies and collectives. Social work focuses on people in their environment and the interaction between them. It does not only concern understanding people in their social environment but also committing to taking action in order to solve social problems and promote social betterment. Social work emphasizes very much on moral practice. It embraces values including beliefs in human dignity and human rights, respecting diversity and promoting the betterment of the vulnerable groups.



Professional Recognition

The qualification of this programme has been recognized by the Social Workers Registration Board. Graduates can become a registered social workers and be able to take up posts requiring this qualification.


Increasing demand for social workers at degree level

As the government has committed to extend and expand the social work service in pre-school, primary and secondary education sectors, the demand for social workers at degree level has increased substantially.


Programme features

- This programme aims to educate students to be a competent generalist who are down-to-earth and open for continuous personal growth and professional development while embracing social work values.

- This programme adopts a bilingual policy using both English and Chinese references and materials. Teachers would use an appropriate language which can optimize students’ learning.

- Riding on the strengths of the Institute in social development and social innovation, this programme will equip students with a social development perspective while being able to think out of the box, accepting changes so that they can solve social problems creatively.