Student Development & Support



The Department of Student Development and Alumni Affairs (DSDA) is devoted to providing students with diverse activities to nurture students in terms of the four major attributes encompassing their capability, attitude, knowledge and experience. Students shall become individuals with "strong potential for leadership with an impact"; "being positive, aspiring, courageous and committed"; "are professional, practical, humble and ardous to learn", and "have wide exposure and connections with eye on the international horizon".


    • Leadership Training

      To cultivate students' organizational skills and leadership via offering them leadership training and extra-curricular activities.


    • Counseling Services and Financial Support

      Registered social workers stationed on campus are available to provide professional counseling services and emotional support for students when needed. Furthermore, financial support is given to students with financial hardship to help students overcome hurdles and complete their studies.


    • Career Services

      To help students develop career skills and industry knowledge as well as arranging different local and overseas internship programmes for students to put their knowledge into real practice.


    • Exchange Programs

      To organize various academic and non-academic themed exchange programs to help students widen their global exposure, strengthen their (social network, and improve their language skills in English, Putonghua and Cantonese.


    • Service Learning

      To provide students with the opportunities to contribute to the common good of society through participating in different community activities and voluntary services.



    To strengthen alumni's cohesion to the College and help establish their roles as mentors in mentoring schemes for alumni to contribute their knowledge and life experience to benefit current students.


Opening Hours & Contact us


Ma On Shan Campus:

Mondays to Fridays

9:30am – 7:00pm


1:00pm – 5:00pm

Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed


Ma On Shan Campus: (852) 2398 9619


Ma On Shan Campus: (852) 2398 7036


Student Development Centre in Ma On Shan Campus:

1/F, Yiu On Estate, Ma On Shan