Vision & Mission

Our Vision

HKCT Institute of Higher Education (CTIHE) strives to become a preferred degree awarding institution with focus on disciplines related to Social Sciences, nurturing students who aspire to contribute to the betterment of society and be committed to sustainable personal and professional growth with a global perspective upon graduation.


Our Mission

CTIHE endeavours


  • To strive for excellence in the provision of a broad-based quality education and professional knowledge to develop our students who aspire to contribute to the betterment of the social aspect of Hong Kong and China.
  • To create a learning environment to enhance students’ acquisition of professional and global knowledge through strong partnership with governments, businesses, industries, professional sectors and other academic communities both within and outside Hong Kong.
  • To nurture future leaders with the necessary professional techniques and effective communication skills, whilst cultivating their personal qualities of integrity, positive commitment, morality and social responsibility.
  • To enhance its strength in Social Sciences through pursuing collaborations with different social organisations and community bodies and by responding to the needs of the community and society via vehicles of practical social research to directly benefit Hong Kong and beyond.