Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Social Work

Qualifications Framework

The qualification of this programme is recognised under the Qualifications Framework in Hong Kong.

QF Level: 5 

QR Registration No.: 19/000651/L5

Registration Validity Period: 01/09/2019 To 31/08/2024


Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Social Work

Duration and Credits

4-year Full-time (Year 1 entry): 128 Credits

Mode of Study


Medium of Instruction

Chinese as the main medium of instruction with specified subjects in English

Commencement of Study

September 2020

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for the first year after deduction of NMTSS in 2020/21 is $50,150 only.
[The government subsidises the eligible students of this programme with "Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme for Full-time Self-financing Undergraduate Studies" (NMTSS) for $32,100 yearly. The tuition fee of Year 1 is $82,250. The tuition fee of the first year after deduction of the subsidy in 2020/21 is $50,150 only.]

Year 1: $82,250
Year 2: $82,250
Year 3: $86,016
Year 4: $88,436

All tuition fees are subject to the final approval from the Education Bureau.

Scholarships and Grants

CTIHE Scholarship
Faculty of Social Sciences Scholarship
Academic Achievement Scholarship
Learning Achievement Scholarship
President's Award
Vice-President's Award
Dean's Award
Outstanding Extra-curricular Performance Award
HKCT Excellence Award


Government Assistance

Current CTIHE full-time students can apply for the following assistance provided by the Student Finance Office according to the programme category:

1. Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP)
- Grant
- Low-interest loan
- Student Travel Subsidy
- Community Care Fund — Additional academic expenses

2. Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students (NLSPS)

3. Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme for Full-time Self-financing Undergraduate Studies in Hong Kong ($32,100 subsidy annually)


Details of the assistance will be announced soon.

Aims of Programme and Intended Learning Outcomes



1. Facilitate students to have a solid mastery of the knowledge bases of social work, reinforced by other social sciences knowledge, in particular that of social development, for developing a critical understanding of social phenomena and social work interventions;

2. Equip students with analytical and practical skills of social work, enriched by that of social development, for applying with appropriate judgement, in diverse settings of social service and non-governmental organisations; and

3. Enhance students in both personal growth and professional growth for embracing professional values and qualities that a competent and reflective professional social worker should possess.


Intended Learning Outcomes

1. Command and examine critically diverse perspectives of social sciences disciplines, in particular the social development perspective, in understanding social phenomena, at the micro, meso and macro levels;

2. Appraise critically theories and concepts of social work intervention so as to form a basic but essential core of social work knowledge;

3. Analyse critically, with informed evidences, reasonable inquiries and ethical considerations, the situations requiring social work intervention so as to take actions to facilitate change at the individual, family, group, community and societal levels;

4. Apply synthetically knowledge of social work interventions and, when appropriate, in a variety of service settings at diverse levels of service delivery and in various localities in a professional and effective way;

5. Work with service users and other stakeholders independently, effectively and cooperatively with effective communication skills, sensitivity to the needs of service users, and with responsible, committed and professional attitudes; and

6. Develop self-awareness, social awareness and professional awareness by identifying with and taking reference to social work values and ethics.


Our People

Prof. CHAN Yuk Chung
Associate Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

- Doctor of Philosophy (Nottingham University)
- Registered Social Worker, Social Worker Registration Board, H.K.
- Supervisor of Doctoral students, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University of Hong Kong
- Visiting Professor, School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University
- Instructor, PKU-HK PolyU China Social Work Research Centre
- Assessment Panel Member, Social Worker Registration Board
- Programme Accreditation Member, Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association
- Consultant, various NGO social services agencies in Hong Kong

Prof. CHUI Yat Hung
Head, Department of Applied Social Sciences

- Doctor of Education (Counselling Psychology) (CUHK)
- Master of Social Sciences (HKU)
- Chartered Psychologist, Associate Fellow, British Psychological Society, U.K.
- Approved Counselling Supervisor, Fellow, Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association
- Global Career Development Facilitator Accredited Trainer, National Board for Certified Counselors, U.S.
- Registered Social Worker, Social Worker Registration Board, H.K.
- Past President of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association

Dr. CHUN Ping Kit, Roxco
Program Leader, Department of Applied Social Sciences

- Doctor of Philosophy (HKU)
- Master of Social Sciences (HKU)
- Bachelor in Social Sciences in Social Work (HKU)
- Registered Social Worker, Social Worker Registration Board, H.K.
- Chairperson, the Marriage Enrichment Network
- Chairperson, the Kornhill Alliance Church Family Service Centre
- Committee Member, Christian Fellowship of Pastoral Care for Youth
- Committee Member, Fullness Christian Vocational Training Centre


Phone: 2265 6993
WhatsApp: 5362 6757

Programme Features

1. Strong experience in social work training
HKCT has provided social work training at the higher diploma level for more than 15 years. Over a thousand social workers have been trained up and contributing in the society since then.

2. Professional recognition for both the programme and graduates
The qualification of this programme has been accredited by the Hong Kong Social Workers Registration Board. Graduates can register as registered social workers.

3. Sound employability and decent income
Graduates are qualified to take up the position of Assistant Social Work Officer or other equivalent post, which the starting point is point 16 of the government master pay scale (i.e., $31,685 in 2018/19 scale.)

4. Bilingual as medium of instruction facilitates learning
This programme adopts bilingual policy in the medium of instruction. The courses will include both English and Chinese reference books and information. All subject teachers would use an appropriate language which can optimise and benefit students' learning.

5. Nurturing down-to-earth generic social workers embracing social work values
This programme aims to educate students to be down-to-earth, open-minded and positive while embracing social work values. Students are to be educated in making self-accountability, self-reflection and independent judgment in their service delivery to individuals with different needs and in promoting social development.

6. Fieldwork opportunity strengthening integration of theory and practice
Students have to take 800 hours placement in settings directly related to children and youth, elderly, rehabilitation and families where they can have better integration of theory and practice that help enhance their learning outcomes.

Main Characteristics of the Programme

1. Developmental Assets Building
Internal assets of individuals such as self-concept, values, personal skills, and good human relationship are important to students personally and professionally. This programme aims to develop these developmental assets through subjects like Personal Growth and Self-enhancement, Student-centred Learning.

2. Passion and Compassion
Passion is required for any good achievement but social workers need more than passion. On top of passion, our programme aims to develop our students with compassion. Compassion prevents the professional to enter the pitfall of becoming a detached and condescending professional. Compassion is the ability to empathise and the drive to take action to relieve the distress and pain of others. Service Learning in Action, Fieldwork and many other social work practice subjects in the programme are used to develop these qualities.

3. Innovation and Creativity
Whether social workers can think out of the box in performing their professional commitments are important nowadays. Riding on our institute's development of social innovation education, our social work programme seeks to cultivate open-minded students who accepts changes and can solve human problems creatively. Subjects like Personal Growth and Self-enhancement, Social Innovation and Environmental Design in the programme can help nurture these attributes.

4. Social Capital Building
Social development is characterized by social capital building and collaborative efforts from all stakeholders, accumulating the capital of social network and connection, in addressing social needs and complex social problems. Without collaboration, sustainable societal development is not possible. There are subjects in the programme related to social development, namely, Approaches in Globalization and Social Development, and Social Work and Social Development etc.

Specialised Subjects

Social Work Practice
- Introductory Sociology
- Personal Growth and Self-enhancement
- Casework
- Skills Laboratory: Casework
- Group Work
- Skills Laboratory: Group Work
- Community Work
- Skills Laboratory: Community Work
- Philosophical Foundations and Ethics of Social Work
- Integrated Seminar
- Social Work Practice Elective A
- Social Work Practice Elective B
- Professional Development

Social Development Subjects
- Approaches in Globalisation and Social Development
- Development Economics
- Social Development Knowledge Elective C
- Social Development Knowledge Elective D
- Social Work and Social Development

Social Work Fieldwork
- Fieldwork I
- Fieldwork II

Other Specialised Subjects
- Human Behaviour and Social Environment
- Introduction to Psychology
- Legal Aspects of Social Work
- Government and Politics
- Social Policy
- Social Research Methods I
- Social Research Methods II
- Introduction to Social Welfare
- Introduction to Social Work
- Programme Planning and Administrative Skills for Social Work
- Student Oriented Learning I
- Student Oriented Learning II

Offer of the subjects (including electives) are subject to Institute's final decision without prior notice.

General Education Subjects

- Chinese Communication for Social Sciences
- English Communication for Social Sciences
- History of Hong Kong
- Information Management Technologies
- Putonghua Communication for Social Sciences
- Service Learning in Action
- Civilisation and Culture#
- Advanced Chinese Communication for Social Sciences
- Advanced English Communication for Social Sciences
- Science, Technology and Society

# Choose one general education subject from this group of subjects

Offer of the subjects (including electives) are subject to Institute's final decision without prior notice.


The programme provides real experience for integration of classroom learning and social work practices in real settings. Graduates will be professionally prepared for their future employment in social service agencies.  Through 800 hours intensive Fieldwork Placements, students are exposed to real life operational practice in social service organisations under the guidance and supervision of experienced supervisors.

Career Prospects

The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) Social Work Programme is recognized by the Social Workers Registration Board. The graduates can seek employment in Social Welfare Department as Assistant Social Work Officer or in NGOs as staff of a similar grade, for example, being a school social worker, outreaching social worker or a medical social worker.

This programme provides professional training with a generic base. Upon completing their programme, students will be equipped with analytical ability, problem solving and people skills generally required for most of the jobs. Thus, they can also meet the requirements and expectation of the employers who look for applicants with a general degree. Besides social work post, Government posts like those of the disciplinary forces (in particular the Assistant Officer II and Officer of the Correctional Services Department), Administrative Officer/Executive Officer II. Non-government posts like Programme Worker, Project Manager and Assistant of LegCo and District Council members are also suitable job opportunities.

According to the master pay scale of the government, the starting salary for Assistant Social Work Officer is $31,685 with effect from 1/4/2018. Yet, NGOs have their own salary structure.