Matching Grant Donation Scheme


HKCT is a charitable and not-for-profit, self-financing education institution that is recognised by the Government in Hong Kong. Established in 1957, we have been a pioneer in vocational and professional education and training (VPET); we are one of the twenty approved degree-awarding institutions in Hong Kong.  Over the sixty years, we have been striving to uphold our missions in VPET with a vast array of student-centric teaching and learning curriculums and activities, we have always strived to push for advancement in the society by paving pathways for keen learners and to provide well-trained and qualified graduates to industries that long for talents.


Self-financing institution

As a local self-financing institution, HKCT has been a catalyst for VPET. We are self-reliant financially yet flexible and innovative in programmes provision and development. Our operating expenses are supported purely by tuition fees without any recurring governmental or major corporate funding. Generous support and donation from public and community are crucial to our continuous development of VPET programmes for which special and industry specific resources are particularly needed.


Matching your donation – dollar for dollar

HKCT Institute of Higher Education (CTIHE) is one of the eleven eligible institutions for the 7th Matching Grant Scheme (7th MGS) launched by the Government. The Scheme aims to help the local self-financing higher education institutions in fundraising and encourage the supporting and donation culture of the public to higher education sector. The Government will grant a dollar-to-dollar matching fund to the eligible donation raised by the 11 institutions within a two-year period from 1st August 2017 to 31st July 2019.  Your generous support and donation in this period will be particularly meaningful to the Institution.


Use of Donation

The fund raised from the public to CTIHE “Matching Grant Donation Scheme” will be included in the application to the 7th MGS every month during the two-year period. The doubling of funds can help enhance the quality of teaching, improve the learning environment and promote the sustainable development of the higher education of the Institute and help cultivate talents for the country and Hong Kong society. The funds raised by the scheme will be properly used on capital projects, teaching and research, scholarships, prizes and bursaries, student development (such as exchange activities) and other projects that effectively fulfill students’ needs and promote the development of the Institute.


Please act now

If you would like to support us, please click "Donate Now" to proceed your donation via online platform, or click HERE to download the donation form. Please send us your completed form by mail, with the related documents to “Fundraising Unit, 6/F, HKCT Jockey Club Undergraduate Campus, 2 On Shing Street, Ma On Shan, Sha Tin, N.T”.


* Official receipt will be issued for donation of HK$100 or above for tax deduction. If you have any enquiries, please call (852) 2265-2138 or email to