In accordance with the vision and mission of CTIHE, the Faculty of Social Sciences will focus on developing academic programmes which can meet the community needs of Hong Kong and also be able to foster the growth of a new batch of Social Sciences graduates who are competent, professional, reflective, committed and passionate.


Our Aims

We are committed to nurturing students with global perspectives, local concerns and action for change.

  • Global Perspectives
    to educate students to becoming individuals with a global perspective via mastering theories and concepts for an understanding of the impact of the global scene as well as the regional situation on the social development of the local community.

  • Local Concerns
    to nourish local concerns in the hearts of students so that they know how to investigate, learn and understand the situations, needs and rights of the people living through the processes of social development.

  • Action for Change
    to nurture students into capable individuals in terms of both theories and practice who can put concepts into practice and are committed to contributing their expertise and professional strength to the well being of the people as well as bringing about changes for the betterment of society.